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The Keys to our Success: Outstanding contributions from our team during Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic there have been many exceptional circumstances for our team to manage and, as a result, opportunities for people to shine despite a challenging period for everyone across the globe.  

The commitment and dedication of our team, in ensuring Gray & Adams can continue to deliver exceptional service to our customers – many of whom are classed as front-line services, has been outstanding. This achievement is exemplified perfectly in the work of our Product Support Team throughout lockdown.

The role of product support is crucial for our customers, providing after-sales care, maintenance, faults repairs, training and handling product or part queries and claims. With this in mind, we spoke to Colin Taylor, Group Product Manager, and Adam Sutton-Pinner, Group Field Engineer, to find out more about their contributions throughout Covid-19.

Considering the challenges throughout Covid-19, Colin said

“When our facilities closed across the UK, the product support team had to move quickly and decisively to adapt our ways of working to guidelines on safe working practices, whilst also ensuring continuity of our customer service. For example, providing roadside repairs or maintenance and parts support throughout the period. Our aim was to keep as many customer trailers and vehicles on the road as possible whilst also ensuring parts were available across the Gray & Adams group.

“With Adam’s role as our On-Site Technician, working to ensure our customers had the support they needed to keep their fleet running, he made a massive contribution throughout lockdown. He has been brilliant, from start to finish. He worked through Easter Weekend to manage a unique challenge for one of our customers, going out of his way to solve their issue and provided fantastic service to get the job done. We’ve even had emails of thanks from customers as a result of his commitment to go the extra mile. We have had strong support from across the Group, from the engineering team, as well as the sales team and also through Director, Lewis Gray, who helped us to keep everything on track.”

With customers under so much pressure to deliver, in a difficult time for the industry, Adam reflected on the experience of delivering for customers throughout lockdown,

“There was definitely a greater pressure on the team to get repairs fixed first time for customers and to work within each customer’s strict Covid-19 processes, whilst also ensuring we were able to work safely within our own guidelines. In addition, we had to work as a tight-knit team to manage our attendance requests without access to our breakdown database for several weeks, which would usually be our first tool in the whole process”.

“I consider myself lucky to work alongside Colin, he’s got so much experience and knowledge that he no longer needs to work from wiring diagrams – it’s all just there in his head, which I find highly frustrating. He’s a great communicator and manager – always there to support me.  At times, it can be hard working on your own by the roadside and under pressure from the customer. You have to stay calm and keep focused when you know that the customer is hoping for an immediate solution. If and when the pressure gets to me, I know that Colin is always at the other end of the phone to work with me and help find a way to resolve the issue. I’m really proud to be part of such a strong team that pulls together through difficult times – it makes a huge difference to how you feel and lets you get on with the job in hand.”

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